TOUR 3: Anguilla

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Explore spectacular beaches in Anguilla!

It will take you about 45min to reach the island – on the way you will travel through the lagoon of St. Martin while enjoying our various snacks and drinks on board, pass the numerous mega yachts, and sail through the French bridge either to

3a: the beaches of Shoal Bay, Maundays Bay or Rendezvous Bay, along the South Coast of Anguilla (ranked among the best of the world due to the fine white sand), see luxury houses such as the Hotel Cap Juluca in Moorish architecture with round white roofs, or as other option

3b: continue directly to the marine park Prickley Pear Cays (six miles north of Road Bay, Anguilla) and Sandy Island where you can snorkel among great coral reefs in turquoise water.

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